About Us

About Us

Our Purpose: Reduce deceit in India's Housing Market and help people make an educated decision when buying or renting property.

Our experience with some builders and society managements has not always been rosy. This we have found is difficult to acheive thru the current medium of one-on-one discussion or any legal ways.

It is time for us to make owning a home a just and pleasant experience. Builders, agents and homeowners can come together to achieve a righteous place. This, we have realised, can only be brought about if we all came together on a common platform. Builders, Agents, Societies, and home owners come on a common platform and publish their remarks on properties.

This will help real estate parties to publicly describe their grievances and fairness. Our goal is to make owning a real estate an informed decision.

So lets come together to make this platform a great success. How -

  1. Find your building and write a review
  2. If you don't see your building add it and then write a review